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OK, So you've got some questions about XC2-EZ.

Questions are good!
  • Is it really "FREE"?
  • Yep! It's really FREE, as in No Charge, Nada, Zip, Libre, Gratis
    Keep your wallet in your pocket.
    This is a limited time offer. We don't know how long we will have this great deal.

  • Why are you giving this away for free! It must not be very good.
  • Au Contraire! Good Question!
    XC2-EZ is more robust than some backflow software that you pay several hundred dollars for.

    We want you to become familiar with the way that XC2 Software is designed and the way it works without getting scared away by all of the "power-user" features that are available in XC2-PRO.

    XC2-EZ works the same way as XC2-PRO. There is just not as much of it.
    We think that after using XC2-EZ for awhile, you will feel quite comfortable enough to take another look at XC2-PRO and will want the additional functionality that it offers.

    Some of you will be perfectly happy with XC2-EZ and continue to use it.
    It is yours to use for an unlimited amount of time.
    Others of you will want to upgrade to XC2-PRO.

  • What are the computer system requirements?
  • Requires Windows 7 or 8.1
    4GB RAM
    64bit recommended OS
    Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024x768
    Recommended Screen Resolutions:

  • Whats the difference between XC2-EZ and the full version of XC2?
  • XC2-EZ doesn't have as many of the features and functions as the full version.
    There is less information on the main facility and backflow entry screens
    Entry of test results is on a "pass/fail" basis, though there is plenty of room for comments
    There is only one notice template

  • Can I get a copy of both XC2-EZ and a demo version of XC2-PRO?
  • Absolutely!
    You need only ask. It's just that simple.

  • Can I have more than 1 backflow assembly at a single "Facility/Site"?
  • Can do! Unlimited Backflow Assemblies/Hazards can be associated with a single Facility/Site

  • When I print Test Due Notices, will it list all of the backflow assemblies at that site?
  • No problemo! XC2-EZ will list as many backflow assemblies as are associated with the Facility

  • Can I print more than one notice at a time?
  • Sure! You can print all notices that are due with a single click, or print one or more notices at a time for Facilities of your choosing.

  • Can I change the text of my annual notices
  • You have complete control of the verbiage of your notice.

  • What about envelopes and labels?
  • We've got that base covered: 2x7 or 3x10 labels per page, or #10 envelopes.

  • Can I print out backflow test reports?
  • You can print test reports as part of your annual notice printing, or print them individually, or from a list.

  • Can I enter Cross-Connection Surveys?
  • Cross Connection Surveys are part of XC2-EZ.
    You can lookup for surveys due, and incomplete surveys

  • Can I print a Cross-Connection Survey Form?
  • You can quickly print survey forms from a list of Facilities/Sites

  • How can I "Search" for information?>
  • You can search by: Facility Name, Test Due Date, Address, Backflow Type, Serial Number, Account Number, Protection Type, Hazard Type, Hazard Level, and several more.

  • Can I keep track of Backflow Testers?
  • Of course! You can track Tester Name, Certification Number, Expiration Date, Address, et al,

  • Will I be notified if the Tester certification is expired?
  • Yes! When you enter tests, XC2-EZ will validate the tester information against the expiration date.

  • Is there a list of backflow models?
  • Yes! You can add, change or remove items from this list as you see fit.

  • What about a list of Hazards?
  • You can edit a list of Hazards, Backflow Types, Protection Types, Sizes, Manufacturers, Service Types, and "Common Text/Boilerplates"

  • My IT department won't let me install "Free" Software
  • XC2-EZ software is a fully licensed version of XC2 Software.
    It is not "Shareware" or "Freeware".
    On-going support is readily available from our terrific customer support staff.

  • Can I install this on my iPad?
  • Sorry, XC2-EZ does not work on an iPad or Android tablet

  • Can I install on more than one computer and have them exchange information?
  • Sorry, XC2-EZ does not provide for that functionality
    We have other options in XC2-Pro that provide for that

  • Can I enter information in the field on my tablet and then merge it on my computer at the office?
  • Sorry, XC2-EZ does not provide for that functionality
    We have other options in XC2-Pro that provide for that

  • What's the deal with user support? It says that 30 days of support are "Free"
  • Your free support period starts with your first phone call asking for support of any kind.
    After 30 days, if you would like to continue receiving user phone support, the cost is $100/yr. for XC2-EZ.
    Please be aware this offer is available for a limited time.

  • I have my backflow information in an Excel Spreadsheet. Can it be imported into XC2-EZ?
  • Sure enough! Check out the import conditions on this page:
    Import Your Backflow Information

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