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So what does it have in it?

How can anything FREE be worth using?
Here are a few screen shots so you can take a look:
  1. Facility/Site Management
  2. Backflow Prevention Assembly Inventory
  3. Backflow Tester Information
  4. Print Annual Backflow Test Due Notices
  5. Backflow Test Entry
  6. Cross-Connection Survey Entry
  7. Backflow Test Form
  8. Administrator Setup Page
  9. Import your existing backflow data
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Facility/Site Page

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Backflow Preventer Inventory Page

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Backflow Tester Page

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Backflow Test Entry Page

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Backflow Test Report Form (Sample)
Notice Setup Page
(Yes, you can change the text of this notice.
Yes, you can paste in your letterhead)
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Survey Entry Page

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Administrator Setup Page
You have control over the lookup lists in the program.
These assure "normalized" data entry.

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Data Conversion
NEW! (June 24, 2015) For a limited time...
We will even import your existing backflow information at no charge!

These are the conditions:

1. This is a "one-time-only" service for new XC2-EZ users.
(Note: We will only do this once at "no charge")

2. The spreadsheet must EXACTLY fit the format that we have.
No Variations! Order of columns must be exact. (XC2-EZ Import Spreadsheet)

3. The "Type" of device code must fit one of the types already in XC2:
  • There must be a device type code!
  • These device type codes must be exact, no variations
4. Download the import spreadsheet here: XC2-EZ Import Spreadsheet

5. Fill out the form on the contact page and we will send you an email address to send your spreadsheet to.

6. Be sure to check the box indicating that you would like us to import your existing backflow information from an excel spreadsheet.

7. Send us your spreadsheet and we will then provide you a download link to a completely new install of XC2 with your data imported.

Just give us a call:
Toll-Free:     800.761.4999
Or go to the contact page and fill out the contact form:

Contact Us

We need to collect a little bit of information from you so we can send you a "Fully Licensed" copy of XC2-EZ.   We will then provide a download link so you can check it out yourself. For Free, No Obligation, No Tricks, Really!
And, no. We won't try to sell you something else, (unless you ask for it).
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