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Important Note:    See System Requirements Below

Is XC2-EZ the right backflow software for every size of municipality and backflow program? Probably not.

But if you only need to track a few hundreds backflow preventers in your organization,
or if you are just starting your program,
or if you need a really simple, user friendly backflow software program,
or if you need to try something a bit more robust than your spreadsheet,
XC2-EZ just might do everything that you need.

If you need something more full featured, just let us know and we have our "flagship" XC2 Backflow Software program that WILL be everything that you need.
No, the flagship software isn't free.
But just maybe XC2-EZ Backflow Software is all you need!
It certainly doesn't cost you anything to find out.

What if you try out XC2-EZ Backflow for a few months and then decide that you need something more full-featured?
No problem! You can upgrade to the "Full" version of XC2 at any time.
Will you lose all of the information that you entered?
Not one single "byte" will be lost. All information will be completely retained.
So what does XC2-EZ have in it?
Here is the "Short List"
  1. Facility/Site Management
  2. Backflow Prevention Assembly Inventory
  3. Backflow Tester Information
  4. Print Annual Backflow Test Due Notices
  5. Backflow Test Entry
  6. Cross-Connection Survey Entry
  7. Reports:
    • Print the Current List View
    • Print Test Report Forms (Yes, you can put in your logo)
    • Print Backflow Tester List
    • Print Most Recent Backflow Test Report
    • Print Envelopes and Labels
    • Print Overdue Tests
    • Print Failed Assemblies
    • Print Program "Compliance Statistics"
  8. Ability to Search by over 20 criteria
  9. Quick Lookups:
    • Annual Notices Due
    • Backflow Tests Due
    • Overdue Tests
    • Failed Assemblies
    • Surveys Due
Yeah, well talk is cheap!
Let us show you what we've got. Maybe then you will start to believe.

System Requirements:
Requires Windows 7 or 8.1
Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024x768
Recommended Screen Resolutions:

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We need to collect a little bit of information from you so we can send you a "Fully Licensed" copy of XC2-EZ.   We will then provide a download link so you can check it out yourself. For Free, No Obligation, No Tricks, Really!
And, no. We won't try to sell you something else, (unless you ask for it).
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